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BGC praises the Snapchat opt-out feature in gambling advertising

Bets and Games Council welcomed the development that enables UK Snapchat users to opt out of gambling advertising.

By working closely with BGC over the past year, Snapchat hopes to give consumers more control over the ads they want to watch.

Snapchat UK CEO Ed Couchman said: “It has always been important to us that our community can influence the types of ads that they see on Snapchat.

"This change is great and we are grateful that we have partners at BGC who are doing the important work to ensure that the industry continues to grow and evolve, with consumers at the heart."

The move is in addition to Snapchat's compliance with the updated industry code for socially responsible advertising that was released last year.

According to the code, members BGC must ensure that all social media ads are targeted at consumers aged 25 and over, unless the platform proves that they can be accurately targeted at over -year-

BGC CEO Michael Dugher , commented: “This is further proof of our commitment to raising standards in the regulated industry.

“I welcome this Snapchat move and encourage all social media and search platforms to allow users to opt out of seeing betting ads.

“The regulated betting and gambling industry is determined to promote safer gambling, as opposed to the dangerous and burgeoning online black market that does not have any of the safeguards that are common among BGC members. announcement from Google earlier this week, which revealed that users and companies would no longer be able to promote advertising related to gambling, alcohol, politics or prescription drugs.

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