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Big Bola Strengthens Production in Mexico with Caleta Gaming

Online casino development studio Caleta Gaming is set to take over its entire portfolio, including video games bingo, keno, slots and lotto, live in Mexico with an online casino view Big Bola.

As a result of the commercialization of Calet, which boasts a range of Mexican-themed bingo videos, such as Señorita Calavera, Saga Loca, and Señor Taco, it strengthens its presence in Latin America via

Caleta, whose 16 titles have been certified for use in the booming Colombian online gaming market, boasts a portfolio that currently includes over 391 games.

Hugo Baungartner, Sales Manager of Caleta Gaming, commented: “Mexico is one of the largest markets in the Americas and in the world, where video bingo is also deeply entrenched among gamers. We are very pleased that our bingo games as well as slots, kenos and lotto are available online for Big Bol. "

In addition to the online entertainment platform that made its debut in the Mexican market in 2019, Big Bola Casinos, which was initially launched in 2019, employs 1,800 staff and operates 20 casino centers across Mexico. Its venues offer a variety of slot machines, sports betting, bingo halls and live table games.

Earlier this year, Big Bola bolstered its production in Mexico through distribution deals with online gambling operator Betsson Group and online casino content creator Spinmatic, which distributed a number of Mexican-themed slots such as El Fuego, Mayanera Return, Día de los Muertos and 3 Amigos.

"Caleta Gaming is one of the best game providers in Latin America" Etna Rueda, Operations Director of Big Bola Online

, she said about the group's recent partnership.

“Since the team is based in Brazil, they can really create content focused on our region by constantly analyzing consumer tastes and interests. Our Big Bola Online customers will enjoy their games. "

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