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BK8 "learn from our mistakes and correct" after the dissolution of Norwich


he promised to "listen to the voices of fans in the communities we serve and recognize when we are wrong" after the group saw its trading partnership with Norwich City ended on both sides in just three days.

The company says some of its sponsorship funds will be donated to charity as the first step in "regaining the trust of Premier League fans."

The online gambling group was named the primary partner of the Premier League club on Monday June 7, however fan reaction started almost immediately due to provocative social media content.

The deal was to include the "bespoke" BK8 logo that will appear as the new sponsor of the jersey during City's first team match and training kit for the new season.

By issuing an apology for "the content on social media posted by BK8's affiliates that caused the offense," the company says it has taken immediate steps to change the way it sells the brand.

"Now that the partnership has ended on both sides, we intend to take action to show soccer fans that we are learning from our mistakes and improving as a brand," says a statement released by BK8.

“BK8 is committed to its fans that we will donate some of these sponsorship funds back to the relevant charities and associations.

"This is the first step in our journey to regain the trust of Premier League football fans as we are working hard to ensure that football sponsorship money is put back into the support communities that matter most."

Yesterday, in a statement issued by Norwich City, it admitted that it had "anticipated some negative reactions" to the announcement, adding that "in this case we were wrong" and that in the case of "any, the club apologizes".

He then commented that "we are proud of our place in the local community and our relationship with fans around the world." Another update regarding the sponsor of the replacement jersey is to come in due course.

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