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Creating Megaways Games That Are "Extremely Booongo"

The pace at which the igaming industry is moving is certainly no secret to anyone, and the rotation of new games is progressing at dizzying speeds and showing no signs of slowing down.

One of their main trait is still Big Time Gaming's Megaways mechanic, which is certainly not exhausting and often leaves providers stuck in a game of one advantage in further breaking the pattern.

Last month Booongo he first adopted this mechanic with the launch of the Aztec Pyramid Megaways, which he praised as a "milestone" and added that "it seemed the right time to test our products in the waters of the Megaways."

Here, Yuri Muratov, head of business development and account management at Booongo, talks to CasinoBeats about the provider's debut in the Megaways market, the challenges of differentiation and target regions.

CasinoBeats: What was meant by bringing Meg Mechanik to trips to Booongo's game portfolio?

Yuriy Muratov: The mechanics of Megaways requires no introduction, is extremely popular and used by many studios around the world. It has really become the mainstream of the game and we are thrilled to introduce it to our portfolio.

The extremely volatile nature of the mechanics gives players the chance to win huge sums, and we find it very exciting to offer this potential to the fans. The temptation to get a very, very big win draws many to the slots, and Megaways games offer that in plenty.

CB: Tell us more about the Aztec Pyramid Megaways, what is the gameplay on offer?

YM: Aztec Pyramid Megaways features the Megaways mechanic in a slots environment that was clearly designed by Booongo. With clear paylines, dynamic gameplay, and simple graphics, we've given our game the Megaways seal, rather than letting it dictate game development.

"There is still a lot to differentiate and create when creating Megaways games."

In addition to the traditional Megaways staples such as tumbling wins, there is also the chance to run Max Megaways which can bring you huge wins. Ultimately, we tried to make the game uniquely Booongo, rather than just making another Megaways game, and we hope our fans will love it.

CB: With so many developers using Megaways, how do you want to distinguish your games from those already available?

YM: There are still a lot of possibilities to diversify and create when developing Megaways games, and as gamers, we feel there is a niche for us to create something amazing in this space.

While there are many Megaways products out there, there are very few that consistently perform the best that we believe we can achieve. We want to create a Megaways slot with the quality that Booongo slot machines are famous for.

CB: How will Megaways complement your current slots development approach? Will these games also feature the Hold and Win mechanics that are at the heart of Booongo's slots?

YM: We plan to combine the mechanics of Megaways with our addictive Hold and Win game modes by combining two extremely popular slots styles. Not only are we planning on introducing Megaways Hold and Win, we've also started mapping Megaways' connection to other mechanics that we haven't announced yet. We are very excited about this project, so stay tuned for more information.

CB: Which markets are you targeting with your Megaways games? How popular is mechanics in Latin America?

YM: The mechanics of Megaways are extremely popular all over the world, and as such, Aztec Pyramid Megaways is aimed at players from all over the world. Latin America is no different, where we have seen impressive sales growth and we are looking forward to a great launch for this game.

CB: How does Megaways fit into your product roadmap, what other games can we expect in the coming months?

YM: We have tons of innovative content to hit the market and more Hold & Win games will join our Megaways title, with incredibly addictive bonus games, free spins regulation and more.

We've put a lot of emphasis on adding cool mechanics and are very excited about what the second half of the year will bring.

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