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Decentral Games wants to accelerate development after increasing funding by $ 5 million

Decentral Games

announced the completion of the recent capital increase, which it says resulted in total gross proceeds of $ 5 million.

The community-owned crypto casino Metaverse says the additional funding will allow the company to strengthen its team and accelerate the development of additional features and products.

In the last round of financing, the group welcomed partners such as Collab + Currency, Metaverse Ventures (Grupa Walut Cyfrowych), Bitscale Capital, Cluster Capital and AU21 Capital.

"Decentral Games offers players both the novelty of gambling avatars in the virtual world and the great user experience that players demand," she said Casey Taylor, vice president of development at Digital Currency Group.

"We're thrilled to support Scott, Miles and the team as they continue to bring massive blockchain opportunities to play to life."

This round of funding follows what the company calls "the fastest expansion so far" in terms of technical development and user growth as it seeks to further develop its virtual landscape value proposition and consolidate its entire offerings. This includes three virtual casinos, an NFT store and an upcoming virtual nightclub space.

Decentral Games intends to use the funds for further investments in its infrastructure, including additional employment in the areas of product development and marketing to a large extent, to continue acquiring new users as well as accelerating the delivery of key features in the product funnel.

This includes the development of new casino table games including cryptocurrency poker, tournament poker and a new and improved slot game.

“From day one, the Decentral Games team has made community involvement a top priority. The historical gambling industry functioned in the past, pinning the casino to the player " Miles Anthony, co-founder and CEO of Decentral Games .

“The focus on the Decentral Games community has reversed this dynamic, successfully creating a level playing field between investors and players, giving everyone the opportunity to 'be home'.

"We are delighted to welcome our new partners to strengthen our capital position and give our team the flexibility to continue to focus on community initiatives while scaling our capabilities to increase comprehensive games and events to the market."

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