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Edinburgh City FC becomes the first Scottish club to endorse The Big Step

Edinburgh City FC he supported the initiative Gambling with Lives' Big Step

, becoming the first Scottish soccer club to do so.

A bottom-up project, Big Step, whose main goal is to "kick gambling advertising out of football," and is backed by several MPs, including Labor Party Carolyn Harris, chairwoman of the Nationwide Parliamentary Group on Gambling Harmfulness, and Ronnie Cowan of the Scottish National Party, who recently called for a ban on gambling advertising during the 2020 UEFA European Championship.

The campaign recently completed a 10-day, 300-kilometer walk in which 30 people affected by gambling-related damage move from Scotland to Wembley, echoing Cowan's calls to broadcasters to suspend gambling advertising during the Euro 2020 tournament.

“We decided it was time to adopt an ethi approach to all of our partnerships; the pandemic has shown how much football has the potential to be a huge force for good, so it makes sense for us to only reinforce positive news for both physical and mental health "- commented Jim Brown, president of Edinburgh City FC


"We are delighted to support The Big Step in their campaign as we share the same core value of trying to change the existing gambling addiction in Scottish football."

In line with the campaign, Scottish League Two has become the first Scottish team to call for a ban on football advertising and sponsorship.

Both the Scottish Premiership and Scottish League Cup have recently been sponsored by form betting operators Ladbrokes and William Hill, while Rangers and Celtic maintain partnerships with 32 red and Dafabet respectively.

"We Are Thrifty has received support from the city of Edinburgh at a crucial time for the county's gambling reform," he added James Grimes, founder of The Big Step .

“For most of us involved in The Big Step, the damaging relationship between gambling and football was the gateway to years of addiction - if only our clubs took that stance, things could have been different for us.

"Football is not promoting tobacco because of its health risks - it's time for more clubs to echo the ECFC's commendable stance on advertising gambling that harms millions of people."

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