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Google will lift the US online gambling advertising ban

Google is making changes to its terms of service that will make it easier for online gambling companies to offer consumers. The search engine giant previously banned US gambling companies from advertising. But that is about to change and it can help you increase your gambling revenue.

What's all the fuss?

Search engine marketing is big business. Many companies, not only in the gambling industry, buy Google ads to promote their products and services. Google receives billions of searches every day.

When you search for, say, "used cars," you'll see sponsored and free ads. Sponsored ads are paid, but they help to increase website traffic. So, for a business, Google's advertising marketing can help you increase website traffic, which in turn can lead to increased sales.

When it comes to the online gambling industry, the more ads are placed on Google, the more traffic the gambling sites that pay for the ads will get. So, if you've been running an online casino and wanted to advertise information about your casino, you may want to use Google Ads to target players in order for your online casino to rank higher in Google searches.

However, in the past, Google has banned online gambling advertising in the United States due to that country's strict online gambling laws. This made it difficult for some online casinos to reach US consumers.

What are the new Google ad rules?

Google recently made some changes to its rules that will benefit online casino operators. From the first quarter of 2020, the search engine plans to lift the online gambling advertising ban in the United States.

Currently, Google allows the placement of sportsbook ads in New Jersey, Nevada, and West Virginia. But the multi-billion dollar company in Northern California will allow online gambling operators across the United States to advertise freely from next year.

In June, Google allowed the placement of online bookmakers' advertisements. But there was one condition: ads must be placed by operators of licensed, legal bookmakers in the country. So an internet casino in, say, England would not be allowed to sell a bookmaker on Google to New Jersey residents.

However, a new Google policy change allows all legal gambling operators in the state of Garden to advertise to residents. The same can be said for internet casinos in all 50 states, which will launch next year.

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