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Illinois is attacking the gambling expansion again

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Published June 2, 2013 through April Gardner

Illinois gamblers have gotten quite tired of their state legislatures when it comes to the issue of casino expansion that has swept the legislature in recent years. Therefore, when the final session ended on Friday, no one was surprised to see that once again lawmakers had failed to bring an acceptable bill to Governor Pat Quinn's desk.

"It's been going on for nearly half a decade," said frustrated Illinois resident Bruce Frem. “In each session, we hear how close they are to an agreement to relocate the casinos to Chicago, and each session ends the same way, without a deal. He's getting old. "

The frustration heard in Frem's words echoed across the state this weekend. Residents pondered various thoughts as the session ended on Friday with no agreement.

"They discussed it year after year," said Mark Broling. “At some point they should have been able to reach a compromise by now. They make money by listening to what we expect from us locals, and I feel they have thrown the ball over the course of a long time about gambling. "

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has lobbied for a new casino in Chicago since he took office a few years ago. Emanuel and Quinn have fought several public battles over this, and only recently came to an agreement that the new casino would benefit Chicago's economy.

Earlier this year, Quinn expressed for the first time that the legislature would present a bill that would be acceptable to the governor. Quinn had previously vetoed two gambling laws, citing the lack of supervision and too wide expansion of gambling as reasons he vetoed these laws.

This time, the gambling regulations turned out to be the issue that had to be followed by the Chicago casino.

After the session is over, lawmakers will again lobby each other to submit a gambling bill at the next session that will ultimately make thousands of Illinois residents happy.

"I don't care what they come up with," said Flem. "It just has to be something. They spent enough time on it to do it. problem to go to bed in this session. "

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