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Las Vegas Sands maintains NPHY links with a donation of $ 300,000

Las Vegas Sands

has described the continuation of a long-term partnership with Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth through a donation of $77 to help the most vulnerable youth in the region.

This funding will allow the group to strengthen its services and seek long-term solutions that will help make homelessness among young people rare, short-lived, unique and equitably resolved.

"We are deeply committed to influencing the prevalence of homelessness among Las Vegas Valley youth and NPHY is our strategic and valued partner in leading this task," he explained Ron Reese, Sands senior vice president, global communications and corporate affairs .

“Our continued investment reflects the tremendous results we've seen NPHY achieve for vulnerable youth in our community, as well as its leadership in developing long-term solutions to address this issue. This partnership was one of the most significant initiatives we have undertaken by Sands Cares. ”

The Sands investment focuses on expanding and supporting key NPHY programs, resources to increase organizational capacity and adding housing for youth experiencing homelessness.

Since prioritizing youth homelessness as a major Sands Cares initiative in 2015, the company has donated more than $1.77m to NPHY.

"Without Sands, we wouldn't have been able to establish a move and summit - but Sands' commitment as a catalyst in expanding our offering is much deeper than these most visible programs." Arash Ghafoori, Executive Director of NPHY. said about the last donation.

“Sands has helped us expand our backend infrastructure to sustainably support program development - a key component of effective nonprofit management that is often overlooked.

"The company has served as a true partner in the fight to end youth homelessness in southern Nevada, not only as a donor, but also as an investor and mentor in our work to move the needle on this devastating issue in our community."

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