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Las Vegas Sands will continue to invest in digital games

Las Vegas Sands

ma has launched an initiative that will make the group a strategic investor in digital gaming technologies, focused primarily on the business-to-business space.

As part of these efforts, the company is building a digital game investment team that will be led by Davis Catlinwho joins Sands after fourteen years at Sands Capital Management. Over the past decade, Catlin has led the company's investments in both public and private digital games companies.

"Sands is determined to develop its position as an industry leader and is committed to doing so through strategic steps that we believe will best position the company for future growth." Robert Goldstein, President and CEO of LVS

he said about the program.

“Digital games and other related offerings are still very early stages of development and we believe there is a great opportunity for us to invest in the technologies we are developing.

“We believe that our company's platform, experience and financial resources, along with an investment led by Davis, will provide significant investment opportunities that will bring the company significant long-term benefits.

"Just as our integrated hubs were not built in one day, thanks to patience and long-term investments, we believe that these investments in digital gaming technology will bring significant returns for the company and its shareholders."

Earlier this year, LVS spoke enthusiastically about the prospect of welcoming more and more visitors to its venues in Macau, Singapore and Las Vegas as pandemic constraints continued to worsen performance.

Providing confidence in the eventual revival of tourism and tourism in its operating markets, the company commented in its quarterly report said its "financial strength" supports investment and spending programs in Macau and Singapore, as well as exploring opportunities for growth in other markets.

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