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Advertisements for ITV betting during the euro have halved compared to the World Cup

Number of TV betting advertisements displayed during the ITV The coverage of the European Championship has almost halved compared to the 2018 World Cup, according to newly released data.

Data published by the broadcaster showed that a total of 85 betting advertisements appeared on ITV i ITV4

during the Euro 2020 group stages - a 40% decrease from the 119 shown on the same channels during the group stages at the last World Cup.

According to ITV, that gives 3.7 live ads per game for this year's tournament, up from 6.9 in 2018.

The Betting and Gaming Council noted that the latest figures are a direct result of the whistle-to-whistle ban introduced by its members in 2018.

Michael Dugher, president of the Bets and Games Council, said: “These numbers demonstrate the success of the whistle ban and the continued drive towards higher standards introduced by the regulated industry from 2019.

“At the start of the tournament, we heard the same siren voices from the common suspects in the anti-gambling lobby warning people against" bombing "betting ads and calling for a ban.

"I'm glad that prohibitionists' calls to ban television betting advertising are unfounded and unsubstantiated, and the government also admits that independent research has" failed to establish a causal link between advertising exposure and the development of compulsive gambling. "

"Nevertheless, the significant reduction in the amount of betting advertising in the euro period compared to the last World Cup is further proof of our members' commitment to raising standards - while promoting safer gambling, as opposed to a dangerous, unregulated black market that employs no one, does not pay." taxes and does not contribute to the economy or to many of our beloved sports. ”

According to the ban, TV advertisements for bets may not be shown from five minutes before the match starts until five minutes after the match ends, before the 21:00 breakout.

A report from last year found that the ban led to a 97 percent reduction in the number of such ads viewed by children at the time. BGC members have already pledged that 20 percent of their TV and radio commercials are safer gambling news.

According to a report by Ernst and Young, BGC members support 119 jobs, generate £ 4.5 billion in tax for the Treasury and contribute £ 7.7 billion in gross value added to the British economy.

They also provide 350 years for horse racing through sponsorship, media rights and wagering fees, £ 40m for English soccer league clubs and millions more for rugby, snooker and dart leagues.

The latest data from ITV follows talks with The Big Step to suspend gambling ads during coverage from England and Denmark.

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