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Laws needed to apprehend criminals in US online casinos

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Posted on April 24, 2014 by Susan Torres

A new report by security firm McAffee released on Thursday revealed that money laundering and bribes at online casino and poker sites are not only highly probable, but action is actually taking place right now.

For example, a bribe may act from a "donor" playing poker one-on-one with a government official and deliberately losing so that the government official gets the winnings and can pay them out.

Fewer such activities are seen in countries with regulated casino games, such as the UK, where gambling fraud is at its lowest, according to Jeffrey Maxwell, an analyst in the UK gaming industry.

"Since gambling at online casinos is legal and regulated in the UK, we can catch criminals and prosecute them with the help of online gambling companies," said Maxwell.

"Rather than fighting operators who are just trying to do good business, the government is working with them to thwart criminal activity," Maxwell suggested.

When a "player" or "player" as they are called in the UK shows irregular activity on his account, the operator investigates the situation and if the activity is found to be sufficiently suspicious, it is reported to the gaming committee. According to Maxwell, this deters criminals and limits criminal activity.

“Criminals really avoid sites that operate in regulated territories and instead head to the US, where online gambling is still a gray area with no federal regulations.

"The US government does not seem to realize that if they want to get rid of criminal activity, banning online casinos is not the way to do it," said Maxwell. “Online gambling operators are friendly people. It is the players who can be criminals, and without collusion between gaming companies and the government, criminal activity will continue to spread throughout America. "

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