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Voters have the final say on the gambling expansion in New York

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Posted June 24, 2013 to April Gardner

New York lawmakers have tweaked new laws that will allow gambling in a Las Vegas-style casino in the State of. After the Senate passed a bill that was previously approved in the House on Saturday, the final obstacle to fully-fledged casino gambling will come in November, when voters get a vote.

The Senate passed a bill last weekend that will allow New York City casinos not only to have slots, but also to a full range of table games. The act not only expands gambling, but also ends a long battle between the New York Indian tribes and Native Americans.

If voters accept the bill, casinos will be approved in New York City. Instead of private casino companies, the Indian Oneidas, Mohawk and Seneca tribes would have exclusive rights to three of the four zones approved by the law.

Where exactly the casinos will be located, there is a debate that Governor Andrew Cuomo will postpone until a public vote on the issue. Even if voters shoot that measure down, Cuomo is moving forward with new gaming facilities in four regions.

The difference in state income is drastically different between the two models. If full-scale gambling is approved, casinos are expected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue from table games and slot machines. Otherwise, the new casinos would only be home to video lottery terminals.

New York is catching up with the rest of the Northeast in the casino gambling industry. Pennsylvania has emerged as the best state for players in the region, and Maryland, Maine, Delaware, and Massachusetts have added Vegas-style games in the past five years.

New York has long been a target for gaming companies. The state is considered the most popular tourist region in the world, and the ability to combine high-speed travelers with casino gambling has been developed for several decades. Cuomo made it one of his legislative priorities to bring the new casinos to northern New York City.

If the amendment is approved by New York voters, in addition to the new full-service casinos, Long Island will also receive the rights to two slot machines.

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